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This is the new premises of what used to be Felson's (Little Clarendon Street). They opened on or around 19/01/05.

May 2005

The range is slightly improved from Felson's, but their coffee seems to be no better (eg a large latte I had today seemed to contain a measily one shot).

July 2007

An anonymous visitor from IP address (, who rather naughtily changed the comment above to state something completely different (I've changed it back), does however point out the useful information that all their coffee is Fair Trade.

November 2010

Sandwiches/baguettes are very good. However they don't seem to know the difference between a latte and a cappuccino - if you ask for a latte you get a cup half-filled with foam. But they do use Fair Trade coffee and organic milk, so that's a plus.

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