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Slovakian restaurant and bar on St. Clement's.

They offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails (e.g. Mint Chocolate Chip) as well as milkshakes (e.g. blueberry).

They usually have a few specials up on a board, as well as the regular menu.

Happy hour gives you an extra 30% off all cocktails between 5.30pm and 8pm.

Caveat from Socks (July 2004): On both occasions I have been to Moya, the drinks were very carefully made — while this was no problem on a quiet Monday evening, the 45 minutes to even get served on a Friday meant half our group left without having anything to drink.

Accessibility: A large step, a 90-degree turn, and another large step to get in. Toilets are up a flight of stairs with a handrail on one side.

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