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Fairly bright and modern feeling, with lots of light coloured wood: I guess some might feel that it's lacking in atmosphere. The range of beers is unexciting, but the food on offer looks impressive (although I've not tried any). They often have deals on drinks, past ones have included buy 10 drinks get the 11th free (via a card you get stamped), and 5 bottles for 11 pounds.

They have a pool table and comfy sofas. Music is supplied by a customer-operated PC running some variation on the MP3-player theme. On Saturdays it can be rather on the loud side, and is sometimes accompanied by deeply unfortunate disco lights in the evening. During the week it's normally much quieter.

There is normally a decent selection of snacks available to purchase from the bar - pork scratchings (some of the best in oxford), a wide range of nuts, decent selection of crisps, and some chocolate.

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