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summary='History and recent developments of the canal'
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The 77 miles of the Oxford Canal were built between 1769 and 1790 to carry coal from Warwickshire to London. Its northern end is where it joins the Coventry Canal at Hawksbury Junction; its terminus in Oxford is currently the Hythe Bridge Arm, south of Isis Lock where it joins the Thames or Isis.

Previously the canal continued under Hythe Bridge Street to Worcester Street Basin, and then under Worcester Street to New Road Coal Wharf. In the 1950's Viscount Nuffield had the basin and coal wharf filled in. He built Nuffield College on the site of the coal wharf and two car parks on the basin. The larger car park is public and run by Oxford City Council. The smaller one is private, for Nuffield College fellows.

In 2007 the City Council adopted a policy to encourage the restoration of the canal basin, on condition that it proves to be both technically and commercially feasible. British Waterways proposes that new flats and cafés around the margins of the site could generate enough capital to fund the basin's restoration.

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