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The Oxford Cycle Workshop is more than just a bike shop. They will sell you bikes (new and refurbished) or parts, and do a very good job of servicing your bike for you, but this is a place where passion is more important than business.

As well as acting as a gathering point for Oxford cyclists, and a distributor of information on safe cycling, they provide a membership scheme. For an annual fee of 25 (15 for the unwaged), you get four free lessons in cycle maintenance (though these are often overbooked and run monthly, so get your name down quickly!), a 20% discount on all items in stock and 10% discount on anything ordered in, access to their workshop and use of their tools for a very reasonable rate, discounted one-on-one training, access to further courses such as wheel building, and a monthly e-mail newsletter.

The staff are both knowledgeable and friendly, and their website is full of information. If you're a cyclist in Oxford for any length of time, you should be a member here.

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