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This is a cinema with character. Also far more reasonably priced than the Odeon (George Street) and Odeon (Magdalen Street), and although they do get some of the new releases their real value comes from their rep showings. For night owls they are also good, as their late night films (11pm onwards) are a mere £4.00 if you are a Friend of the Phoenix. The once monthly Ben and Jerry's Late Night Celluloid is even better — you get free ice cream too (I'm not sure if they still do this).

There is a wine bar upstairs, with free wifi. (I'm just updating this now through the wifi access, so it definitely works. Nice bar).

Membership costs £25 for normal people, £18 for students, and £45 for two people at the same address. You save £1.50 on each ticket, and are able to reserve tickets without paying those horrid booking charges that big cinemas charge, and you also get three tickets to any film included in the price of membership. There are also regular free preview screenings.

The seats were replaced during a refurbishment in May (ish) 2005, and are now quite large and comfy, but they have squeezed more into the smaller screen, so the front row no longer has the best seats in the house (legroom, nobody in front of you), as it is a little close.

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