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<strong>Reopening</strong> at the end of October 2009.

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Reopening at the end of October 2009.

  • Brewery: Greene King
Colin, 18 July 2001

When it had been first redone in February 2000, they had a rather ambitious program of nine real ales and a real cider, but no folk music. The bottled Black Sheep in the fridge was a safe enough bet, however. I am pleased to report, however, that the number of ales has been scaled back to a more manageable half dozen, the amount of custom has shot up, the folk club has returned and Bloomsday is still celebrated on June the 16th.

However, the real cider has gone, and in keeping with the other Morrells ale houses, we have, for instance, a bicycle with front rod brakes, a step ladder, historic beer bottles, models of those birds I can't remember the name of but look like avocets, and LPs stuck to the ceiling.

Discovery of the week is that they have an interesting range of country wines, including birch and dandelion, at two pounds a pop.

The name commemorates a battle in the Napoleonic Wars that happened off Port Mahon on Minorca (not Mallorca, as a correspondent in Spain points out. The sign used to be of an old sailing ship off the Minorcan coast, but it's gone now.

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