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Shanghai 30's is an exceptional Chinese restaurant, now occupying the premises of the old Restaurant Elizabeth on St. Aldates. The entrance is inconspicuous, but well worth searching for.

The staff were very friendly and helpful, and the service was speedy (although we did visit on a quiet Sunday evening). The menu and wine-list are extensive, and the food is excellent. We highly recommend the Belly Pork and the Tsingtao Duck (pronounced "Ching-taow"). The ice-cream is also delicious.

The ambience is perhaps the most striking feature of the restaurant. The decor blends 15th century Oxford and 1930s Shanghai with surprising success.

Having seen, and worked in, various dodgy Chinese restaurants that cut corners - Shanghai 30's stands out as a high quality establishment.

NB Be warned: there is a narrow staircase, and some very artistic nudity on the walls.

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