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summary='Women-only college just off Iffley Road.'

Established in 1893, the Principal is Lady English; the college has 86 Graduates and 399 Undergraduates.

St Hilda's College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford. Founded by Dorothea Beale, it traditionally has close connections with Cheltenham Ladies' College. It is the only one of the university's colleges to admit only female students and fellows. The students are known colloquially as 'Hildabeasts'.

The college is located in Cowley Place, and is the most easterly of all the university's colleges. It consists of six major buildings containing student accommodation and teaching areas: Hall, South, Milham Ford, Wolfson, Garden, and the Christina Barratt Building (opened in 2001).

The Jacqueline Du Pre Music Building is a concert venue named after the famous cellist who was an honorary fellow of the college. It is well regarded for its acoustics and concert programme.

St Hilda's was the subject of the Channel 4 documentary series, College Girls.

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