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St. Peter's College is located on New Inn Hall Street and near the Oxford Union. It is a graduate and undergraduate college with varied architecture, dating from Georgian to the present day.


Although the college occupies the site of one of Oxford's oldest medieval inns or hostels, New Inn Hall and Rose Hall which dated back to the thirteenth century, its history really began in 1929 when St. Peter's Hall was founded by Francis James Chavasse, Bishop of Liverpool in order to widen access to those who normally would not go to Oxford. In 1961 St. Peter's Hall was given full collegiate status by the University, and being granted its Royal Charter in the same year, it took the name St. Peter's College.

St. Peter's chapel was the Church of St. Peter-le-Bailey and the local parish still bears this name.

Famous past students include

  • Edward Akufo Addo, former President of Ghana
  • Carl Albert, former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
  • Sir Paul Reeves, former Governor-General of New Zealand
  • Ken Loach, film director
  • Sir Paul Condon, former Metropolitan Police Commissioner
  • W.V. Awdry, author
  • Simon Beaufoy, screen writer.

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