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== Line 9 == == Line 9 ==
address='200-202 Banbury Road'
address='202 Banbury Road'
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hours_text='0900-1730 Mon-Sat (Thurs open till 1930); 1030-1600 Sun'
hours_text='0900-1730 Mon-Sat; 1030-1600 Sun'
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opening_hours_text='0900-1730 Mon-Sat (Thurs open till 1930); 1030-1600 Sun'
opening_hours_text='0900-1730 Mon-Sat; 1030-1600 Sun'

Summertown Cycles is a bike shop based on Banbury Road, south (towards town) of the main Summertown shops.

They have a quick and very reasonably priced repair service. They usually do repairs for the next day and sometimes even later the same day. Very friendly and helpful staff. If you're in a desperate hurry they can be bribed with biscuits!

They offer a 10% discount for parts and accesories to University of Oxford staff and participate in the University Cycle Scheme which makes new bikes affordable (allowing staff members to spread the purchase price over a year and avoid paying any tax on it).

Their expansion into what used to be the garden shop next door has increased the range of bicycles and cycling accessories in stock, including lots of helmets.

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