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The most vile and horrendous experience a human being could ever possibly survive. I have known people to leave and go straight into therapy. What could possibly be worse than this? I would prefer cancer. Tesco is pure satan. I am arranging a protest for 4pm tomorrow.

Tesco...more like FUNCO! A glorious centre of fun and sunshine. Definitely the most fun you can have grocery shopping. I'm getting the front of it tattooed on my forearm! TESCO 4EVA!
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A small Tesco Metro store.

Unpleasently busy with long (> 20mins) queues a peak periods.

Check the date on supposedly fresh bread—I've known it to be 2 days past...

But while the above is, no doubt, true, I think it's also a little harsh. This Tesco is hardly the pinnacle of supermarket achievement, but, compared to the other options vaguely close to the centre of Oxford, it's great. Certainly miles better than either of Sainsbury's offerings.

A branch of the CO-op has opened nearby;

An impenetrable maze of illogical aisles and over-priced rubbish (one of the most expensive Tescos in the country, including London) but decent fruit and veg offerings.

Always long queues and never enough staff, it would never happen to the new outlets in California! This place has driven me to MarksExpensive. Come on Tesco have some respect for your staff and customers.

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