The Oxford Guide - Differences between Version 8 and Version 7 of Tesco (Cowley Road)

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hours_text='6am-12midnight (Monday to Friday), 7am-10pm Sat, 10am - 4pm, Sun'
hours_text='6am-12midnight (Monday to Friday)'
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opening_hours_text='6am-12midnight (Monday to Friday), 7am-10pm Sat, 10am - 4pm, Sun'
opening_hours_text='6am-12midnight (Monday to Friday)'
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A small Tesco Metro store.

Unpleasently busy with long (> 20mins) queues a peak periods.

Check the date on supposedly fresh bread—I've known it to be 2 days past...

But while the above is, no doubt, true, I think it's also a little harsh. This Tesco is hardly the pinnacle of supermarket achievement, but, compared to the other options vaguely close to the centre of Oxford, it's great. Certainly miles better than either of Sainsbury's offerings.

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