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The club is split over two levels with a bar on each, and a funky chilled out lounge at the back, with purple lightning and cocktails. The bottom floor is just seating where the top floor has a dance floor (and also some seating). Entry has been 6 both times I've been, and the DJs both times have been pretty good - they tend to try and enforce a fairly strict dress code, but appealing to the better nature of the owner, who's normally wandering around by the entrance has been productive both times I've been there in a large group ( one of the group was wearing shorts, the other was wearing trainers ).

Full of people wearing sleeveless tops, it does seem to take itself a little seriously. The staff there are pretty friendly though, and any club that ends the evening with a remix of the Stones' Sympathy For The Devil gets my vote...

Hosts the Kit Kat Club on a Wednesday night:

There's more information and a bit more in the way of reviews at:

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