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This cinema consists of an auditorium, a screen, and a tiny box office underneath the projection room. It certainly qualifies as minimalist, and has a varied programme of rep. films. A good place to see some old classics, even if they do tend to be on slightly scratched film.

You can check out the films showing here. For those of you wanting munchies with you film, visit the newsagents on the opposite side of the Cowley road, or make a short walk to Tesco (Cowley Road). Alternatively, now G&D have opened up across the road, the UPP have teamed up with them so that you can now buy ice cream, drinks etc from the seller who comes in with a tray before many of the screenings. Or you could visit G&D before or after seeing the film.

OS X co-ord: 452620     OS Y co-ord: 205842     (Latitude: 51.748346 Longitude: -1.237698)
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