Burgess Field

  • Port Meadow

Burgess field is a reclaimed landfill site and home to a nature reserve. It is located at the eastern edge of Port Meadow just north of the entrance from Aristotle Lane. It covers an area of approximately 85 acres and a circular path around the edge of the reserve takes you through some small copses.

Wild life includes roe deer, cuckoos, many woodland birds, and rabbits who appreciate the free lunch offered by the neghbouring allotments. Flowering plants include many garden plants from its time as a rubbish dump, and also cowslips and other naturally occurring plants spreading slowly. The woodland is now growing quite tall and the habitat is evolving without over the years. A popular place for running, blackberrying and teenage bonfire parties, as are the nearby, even more secluded Trap Grounds.

OS X co-ord: 449790     OS Y co-ord: 208695     (Latitude: 51.774257 Longitude: -1.278283)
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