Co-Op Walton Street

  • 511884
  • 42 Walton Street
  • OX2 6AD
  • 7a.m.-midnight every day, except 8a.m.-midnight Sunday

Long hours, not-low prices, always busy.

Now has three mostly-automatic self-service machines, which are not 100% reliable but sufficiently so that it's worth making use of them if there are more than a few people queueing.

I reckon the Co-Op's "Cuisine de France" range is probably the best fresh(ish) bread available from any of the reasonably central supermarkets. Not up to the standards of a really good baker, maybe, but the opening hours make it more practical to grab some on the way home from work.

OS X co-ord: 450760     OS Y co-ord: 207018     (Latitude: 51.759092 Longitude: -1.264469)
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