Mediterranean Fish Bar

  • 243822
  • 270 Abingdon Road
  • OX1 4TA
  • Mon-Thurs 1000-2330; Fri-Sat 1000-0000; Sun 1200-2300

This is a take-away and eat in establishment serving fish, pies, sausages, proper English chips, kebabs and a small selection of Chinese meals. Fairly average pricing.

When living at [Folly Bridge]? (several years ago now), we were roughly equidistant from this and [Carfax Chippy]?. In all honesty, we didn't think either was great (but then, great fish & chips exists only on the coast), but this one definitely had the edge.

Update, 31-May-12: Portions generous, best quality this side of Oxford, a REALLY wide selection of food (including kebabs, curries and battered Mars bars - which turn out to be surprisingly delicious). The reason for me adding this note though is that I left my bag outside the shop, containing car keys, credit cards and cash. They kept it for me, and when I returned everything including the cash was untouched. And they refused to accept a reward! Good guys all round!

OS X co-ord: 451758     OS Y co-ord: 204482     (Latitude: 51.736198 Longitude: -1.250387)
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