Oriel College

  • 276555
  • Oriel Square
  • OX1 4EW

Oriel was founded in 1326. Its full name is 'The Provost and Scholars of the House of the Blessed Mary the Virgin in Oxford, commonly called Oriel College, of the Foundation of Edward the Second of famous memory, sometime King of England' and the nickname Oriel is supposed to originate from a house named ‘Le Oriole’ which formerly stood where the first Quad is now - though the addition of an oriel window on the new tower in the 1600s has caused some confusion as to the source of the name.

The Oriel JCR Alternative Prospectus can be found on their website.

The college has its own drama soceity, the Oriel Lions, which funds shows and holds events to promote drama in the College and University.

Oriel has a high Quake Factor mainly due to the disconnected nature of the quads, and the fact that one of the quads is across the road from the main site, (This has accomodation in houses fronting the High Street and Oriel Street, the little alley down by the old bank.) and has to be accessed via tunnels and cool stuff like that.

Oriel has a nice wood-panelled MCR with a well stocked and cheap bar.

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