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James: Would it be possible to alter the long/lat display from the decimal representation to the more usual degrees and minutes representation? Streetmap appears to use this representation.

  • Geography::NationalGrid seems to have a method to do this, so yes. I'll add it to the next release as an option in Preferences. --Kake

James: My spelling is bad I know. Is it possible to add some sort of spell check? Even if it's just a list of mispelled words so I can go back and re-edit the entry?

  • Not my itch; patches welcome :) --Kake

Dom: Perhaps we need specific metadata entries for URLs to other guides/reviews?

  • Could do, yes — I mainly worry about making the edit form overcomplex and huge. But this is something the RDF people are interested in, so I'll probably add it. --Kake

Dom: I can't decide how streets should work, exactly. I think that all streets should be created as Locale links in text, along the lines of ((Locale Foo Street | Foo Street)) (those should be square brackets, but the nowiki tag doesn't seem to work). Then if the locales are important they will be clicked on/otherwise created, and used, if not, no harm done. Perhaps we should even have a macro for this. The idea is that you can easily get a list of all things in a specific street. I'm not entirely convinced by all this, though.

James: I think this would probably improve things, it would make it a lot easier for people to properly link their entries. Otherwise having streets as entries forces the author to actually go and edit the entry for a street to link the entry in properly. Just my 2p.

Kake: Making people explicitly write ((Locale Foo Street|Foo Street)) is a pain though, especially when you can just make Foo Street be a redirect to Locale Foo Street (ie, you only have to do it once).

Dom: Ah, yes, I like this idea even more.

James: How about offering the wanted pages ordered by the number of times they are wanted as well as by alphabetical ordering?

  • Oh, nice idea. That'll require a patch to CGI::Wiki, so I'll have a think about it. --Kake

James: Are inline images disabled or is this a bug?

  • Use img tags — it's done like this so you can put ALT and TITLE text in. --Kake

James: Can the pages please be validatable HTML of some form or another? I'm trying to write a suitable stylesheet and it would make life a little easier, it's just a few loose </P> tags I believe. Should the <div id="... be <div class="... ?

  • I think the problem is that <hr /> and <<form> ... </form> aren't valid inside paragraph tags, you can spot this on most of the pages as far as I can tell. I could be wrong, but I think that's it. Thanks for the info about the id attribute, that cleared things up for me. -- James

Kake: I'd encourage contributors to make themselves a page so people can see who else is using this, for example Kake, Dom, James. We've found on grubstreet that it makes the guide feel like more of a community thing.

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