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I was wondering if the Clubs category should be renamed Nightclubs, or if it's unlikely that any other sort of club will appear. :) --Art

James: Would it be possible to alter the long/lat display from the decimal representation to the more usual degrees and minutes representation? Streetmap appears to use this representation.

  • This is a preferences option in OpenGuides 0.16, which I hope to release today. Thanks for the suggestion. --Kake

James: My spelling is bad I know. Is it possible to add some sort of spell check? Even if it's just a list of mispelled words so I can go back and re-edit the entry?

  • Not my itch; patches welcome :) --Kake

Dom: Perhaps we need specific metadata entries for URLs to other guides/reviews?

  • Could do, yes — I mainly worry about making the edit form overcomplex and huge. But this is something the RDF people are interested in, so I'll probably add it. --Kake

James: How about offering the wanted pages ordered by the number of times they are wanted as well as by alphabetical ordering?

  • Oh, nice idea. That'll require a patch to CGI::Wiki, so I'll have a think about it. --Kake

James: Can the pages please be validatable HTML of some form or another? I'm trying to write a suitable stylesheet and it would make life a little easier, it's just a few loose </P> tags I believe. Should the <div id="... be <div class="... ?

  • I think the problem is that <hr /> and <<form> ... </form> aren't valid inside paragraph tags, you can spot this on most of the pages as far as I can tell. I could be wrong, but I think that's it. Thanks for the info about the id attribute, that cleared things up for me. -- James

James: Is it nessecary to provide both a map link and the OS co-ordinates? In the current situation if streetmap etc. make a slight change to the formatting of their URL this means that every entry needs to be manually corrected, whereas if we generated the map URL from the coordinates (streetmap provide instructions at http://www.streetmap.co.uk/linkto.htm) only a single change would be needed to the code.

  • The problem is that Streetmap have been known to be arsey in the past about software that automatically generates links to them. However, it was slightly more complicated in this particular case because the software itself was doing lookups to streetmap. The fun starts on the london.pm mailing list. Personally I'd be happy with doing a simple conversion as documented on their own site (I didn't notice that page before) but if Kake isn't happy with it this'll require me or someone else to maintain a patch to OpenGuides and this will need some time spent to familiarise myself with the codebase. --Dom
  • I'm not sure how using their advertised method to generate the URL is any different (from streetmap's point of view) than having manually generated URLS linked to them. IMHO, it should be okay. The london.pm case appears to be slightly different as they were actively accessing streetmap systems to generate the information. James
  • I've now added this to the Oxford installation. If a map link has been supplied, this will be linked; if not, and complete location data has been supplied, one will automatically be generated using the specification mentioned above. Patch submitted to Kake for inclusion; also available as OpenGuides-automaplink.patch temporarily. --Dom

I've changed the navbar to be horizontally laid-out. Is this better or worse? --Dom

  • Better although a little padding between the navigation links and the search box would look a little nice, it seems a bit cramped up there. Perhaps better in the long term would be to define the navbar as something like

<div id="navbar">
<div class="navtool"><a href="http://www.ox.compsoc.net/oxfordguide/">Home</a></div> ...
<div class="navtool"> ... </div>
which should give the designer of a style sheet more flexibility over the layout. --James

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