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This is the collaborative Oxford Guide. Its aim is to be a complete guide to Oxford: pubs, clubs, restaurants, museums, outdoor entertainment, and more.

Note: Due to a disk failure in mid-October, we've lost about three weeks of data. If you've made changes in that time we'd appreciate it if you could redo them. Thanks!

Here are some starting points:

If you would like to help in the creation of this guide, then go right ahead! You may find useful.

Please set your name first, follow existing conventions for node naming, categories and locales, and leave a comment with a summary of changes (or "New entry" if it is a new entry). If you have an artistic flair, how about contributing a pretty stylesheet? Email us if you have come up with one. If you have any suggestons to make, you might want to leave Comments.

Other resources

Here are some other good guides to Oxford:

The Oxford Guide is hosted by Oxford University Computer Society, and is part of the OpenGuides network of community-edited city guides. The software is currently very much under development, so if something appears broken here, wait for half an hour and try again before reporting it as a bug.

To contact the admins of the guide, e-mail

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